At Minumwelt, we can offer water hygiene surveys, Legionellosis risk assessments, pollution control quality surveys and health & safety audits. We also provide sampling and analytical services for environmental samples i.e. water, effluents and soil samples.

Our team of experts provide site surveys and risk assessment reports containing scientific and engineering information which is laid out in non-technical terms in which the emphasis is placed on providing guidance and practical solutions. Any problems that are found (potential or existing) are identified in our detailed reports along with recommendations for practical solutions.

We will also offer advice to improve the safety of the systems and provide recommendations for reducing energy costs, water consumption, chemical usage and effluent discharge and or treatment costs.

We aim to give our clients peace of mind that water and air services comply with current legislative standards and codes of practice. Clearwaters team of surveyors are trained and experienced at monitoring the indoor environment and building services