Occupational safety, health and environmental protection

These are core components of Minumwelt that cannot be compromised. Using targeted measures, we strive to achieve a continuous improvement of standards.



The engine of our development is to promote and challenge the employees of our company. We offer motivated employees attractive possibilities for development at national and international levels. As a company group, we remain transparent and easy to view for all and – using humane standards – remain large in an easy to understand manner.


The customer assesses the execution and quality of our performed work. Using the customer query, we fulfil a wide range of activities. We assure top levels of reliability through the selective coordination of achievers in our corporate group.


Comprehensive complete services supplemented by our offer for financing and cross trading, fulfil the highest demands of national and international markets. This is what governs our conduct on the market. We assert our services and play a leading role through process, project and technology innovation.


Short and direct communication channels distinguish and optimise the communication and decision-making process in our corporate group. The transparency of our decisions assures that all those involved in implementing decisions do so within the scope of their authority and done so promptly.


The principle of comprehensive profitability accompanies all our corporate activities. The effective use of work, continuous productivity optimisation and cost-effective use of materials contribute to the success of our company and secures our future.


Competence and reliability form the foundation of our partnerships with customers, suppliers, authorities and the general public.