Although by definition “waste” means worthless, but in practice “Solid wastes” are not worthless at all. Indeed they deserve to be treated as “dirty gold”; a massive mine of raw materials, from metals to glass, plastic & paper, an endless free source of energy to be used in power generation and district heating plants, and a rich source of nutrients in form of environmental friendly bio-compost fertilisers.

458px-District_heating_plant_spittelau_ssw_crop1Solid wastes might look ugly at the first glance, but with a little bit of wisdom and effort, they can be merged to the modern life as remarkable architectural masterpieces like “Hundretwasser Tower”, the district heating system of Vienna, Austria.




As a company with environmental approach and look-ahead, Minumelt renders total solutions on solid waste management projects, from modern landfill sites , composting and high-tech anaerobic leachate treatment  plants to energy recovery CHP units and material recycling machines.